Saturday Chat: A Manicure with Mileage April 18 2015, 0 Comments

Welcome to this week’s #mjsaturdaychat!

Today we are talking about how to get a lasting manicure that doesn't require going to the salon, using gel polish or UV lights.


Step 1 – Prep

Start off with clean nails.

Take off old nail polish, push back and trim cuticles.

Rub cuticle oil into nail beds. 


Step 2 – Shape

Trim (if needed) and file your nails.


Step 3 – Texture

*The most important step before the polish*

Take a buffing block and only use Sides 1 and 2.

Side 1 will even out ridges that may have developed since your last manicure.

Side 2 further smooths out the nail.

The texture that this step provides is key for a lasting manicure. You do not want your nails buffed and shined or the polish will not adhere.


Step 4 – Brush

Use a nail brush to get off excess ‘nail dust’ that may be leftover from Step 3.

Dip a q-tip in nail polish remover and wipe your nails to remove cuticle oil remnants.   


Step 5 – Polish

Use a high quality nail polish.

My favorite brand is Essie. It has great longevity, unlimited color range and is available at Target and drug stores. 

Right now, my go-to color is Fiji. It's the perfect color for springtime and compliments any outfit. 

To achieve opaqueness paint on 3 or 4 thin coats.

Wait ten minutes in between each coat. 



Step 6 - Drying Spray

A few minutes after the last coat, finish with a polish drying spray

Follow these tips to get the most mileage out of your manicure: 

  • Boycott bottom/top clear coats - I have found they will cause immediately chipping. 
  • Biotin - I have taken this nail and hair supplement for 5 years. It will make your nails grow strong.
  • Regularly use cuticle oil - It instantly refreshes a manicure. I like this one from Sally Hansen. 
  • Use dishwashing gloves - Protect your manicure from the soap and hot water during kitchen duty. 

When I follow this routine my manicure will usually last  7 to 10 days!


Thank you for stopping by for another Saturday Chat! I hope you enjoyed this manicure tutorial!

I will see you here next Saturday for another fashion and beauty chit-chat. 

~Lydia, Owner of Modern Jane 

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